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A forgotten classic from 1974. This and a stack of other vinyl records were discovered recently in a loft in Dusseldorf, allegedly not open since around 1980, and little is known of the original musicians or the fan who so obsessively stored their recordings, clippings and artefacts.

Of the band little is known, but the little we know is that Klaus Eins, real name Klaus Süden, walked out of a studio going for cigarettes in Berlin one day towards the Winter of 1981 and has not been seen in public since. Dieter Zwei, real name Dieter Maus, was killed when a private plane he was piloting to Switzerland got lost in a fog bank and crashed into a cable car tower in Schilthorn in 1982. Hans Drei, his real name, moved to England in 1983 and started a new wave jazz punk band. He retains sole ownership of the record company and runs the Crowdrock archive and fan site at Albus Vier, real name Albus Barom, became a Franciscan Monk in Eastern Europe somewhere in 1984. According to Hans Drei the present whereabouts of both Eins and Vier is currently unknown but he is keeping their royalties in a trust should they ever resurface.

They were massive in the underground scene in Dusseldorf in the 1970s and were massively influential with all the subsequent German synth bands of the 80s. Almost all the names you've heard of have Crowdrock albums in their collections.

From their formation in 1969 as a prog rock band till their first album they performed only live and were never recorded. A rare bootleg recording is know to exist but no examples or copies have yet surfaced. Between 1972 and 1979 they produced 3 EPs, 5 singles and 4 albums, only 3 of which are known to exist. Their rarity is matched only by their prophesy. Ruhe in Frieden!

Vinyl cleaned and digitised and re-released by Phil South of HbZ under license from Hans Drei and Deutsch Musik Gefälschte


released January 25, 2016

All songs written by Klaus Ein, Dieter Zwei, performed by Klaus Ein, Dieter Zwei, Hans Drei, Albus Vier




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